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Not so humble beginnings…

Posted on November 7th, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop. No Comments

20" diameter, 12' long Rock Maple log getting ready to cut

So I have finally begun the build on a project at least two years in the making. What started as an opportunistic acquisition of @300 bd-ft of rock maple, grew into a 2+ year air-drying process in my back yard.

I had a local sawyer slice up a 12′ long, 20″ diameter maple log that had fallen from a category 1 hurricane that hit Cincinnati back in 2009. This tree was one of the casualties. These 2″ slabs were cut, and then stacked for drying for the next two years. ¬†They are now down below 10% moisture content, and ready to be rough milled and moved inside.

Rock maple cut and stacked for drying

They are to become my future workbench project. A split-top Roubo bench that uses Benchcrafted’s hardware and detailed plans. My goal is to have this ready by the Springtime. I’ve got my work cut out for me. Here is a quick snapshot of what I’m aiming for, with of course, a few modifications of my own.

Another craftsman's completed Split-Top Roubo Bench

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