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Why the Woodworking in America Conference is so Freakin’ Awesome

Posted on September 17th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, marketing & promotion. 2 comments

I’m in the thick of things when it comes to preparing for my 5th Woodworking in America Conference. As an exhibitor (Gorilla Glue’s “official” woodworker), I’m working on preparing something interesting to share with fellow woodworkers while working in the Marketplace. This year we’re going old-school and featuring Gorilla’s original polyurethane formula. It involves really strong joinery for outdoor teak furniture. Here’s a sneak peek below:

The Teak "Conversation Bench" in the early stages of dry fitting and shaping.

The Teak “Conversation Bench” in the early stages of dry fitting and shaping.

Which leads me to the point of this post, Why WIA? Everyone has their reasons, and mine are only a sample of what’s sure to be hundreds of reasons you should attend.

For me it’s simple – community.

Nowhere can you find a higher concentration of fellow woodworkers who share a common passion to design, create and build things from wood. The WIA conference gives me an opportunity to speak with hundreds of people about all things woodworking. During the marketplace hours, the classes and even the after-hours events, ideas flow. In fact, actively building a project during the show allows me to share ideas around design, fabrication, technique and well, yes, glue-up in a casual environment. It’s the highlight of my woodworking hobby every year.

So I wanted to begin to share what’s so awesome about WIA as told through pictures on a Pinterest Board here.

Take a look, and share some of your own favorite photos on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc with the hashtag #WhyWIA. I’ll collect and post as many as I can leading up to this awesome event.

To learn more about the Conference on October 18-20, and to register, click here.

2 thoughts on “Why the Woodworking in America Conference is so Freakin’ Awesome

  1. Hi Andy,

    One of the best decisions WIA made this year was to allow spouses and students into the marketplace. I’ve attended one WIA, and as I was going through the marketplace I kept wondering why it had a different feeling than the LN tool events. Finally it hit me – almost everyone there was a middle-aged or older male. Having entire families, or at the very least spouses, attend creates an entirely different atmosphere – for the better.

    That bench is looking nice! I see you added a slight arch to the long upper rails.


  2. I would love to go to WIA. Have you ever gone, but not as a rep for one of the vendors? I imagine if you go representing a vendor you wouldn’t get to go to the classes or if you did your time in classes would be limited.

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