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When 1″ Doesn’t Equal Exactly 1″

Posted on June 30th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 1 Comment


After a very helpful Google+ WoodChat on Wednesday, I was able to figure out why my Benchcrafted tail vise holes were off by so much, close to 1/4″ overall along the 4″ thick top.

Apparently Adobe .PDF files will scale to fit a page, based on a printers pre-set printable area. In my case, my printer at work scaled things down slightly, around 1/32″ for every 1″.

This caused some serious rework on the end cap and guide rails. It’s not perfect, but it is really starting to look like a workbench!

Moral of the story: If you are using .PDF file templates, be sure 1″ = 1″. And above all, read the instructions and all of the clearly printed warnings on page one!


One thought on “When 1″ Doesn’t Equal Exactly 1″

  1. You aren’t alone. I think the first phone call we ever got about our digital plans at PW magazine was from someone who had not turned off the scaling.

    And this was on their daisy-wheel printer as their tried to print out our ASCII-art plans for a highboy.

    Just kidding about that last part.

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