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Walnut Beds Continue

Posted on January 7th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. No Comments

So I made some pretty good progress over the last few weeks on one of the beds.
The headboard and footboard combined have about 40 mortise and tenon joints, and some pretty precise geometry. The smaller mortises were made with a forstner bit and squared them up with a chisel. All of the smaller pieces in the headboard are flush with one another.

Everything is so tight in the dry-fit stage that it probably could survive without a glue-up. With all of the pieces, I’m probably going to use the Gorilla Glue Polyurethane glue, for a slower set time – just in case I need to fuss with the parts. Regardless, the glue-up will take place in stages.

I have also added some progressively sized chamfers on the small to large pieces. Once sanded, they will have a gentle rounded feel to them, while still maintaining most of the right angle geometry. It’s important that with all of the angles on the headboard, it feels good to the touch. The posts have a gentle 25 degree facet on all four sides that end at about 1” square on the top. Those should polish up nicely in the sanding and finishing stages.

I’m probably going to be taking a break on these beds for a few weeks since I’m heading to Dale Barnard’s Woodworking School in Paoli, IN this weekend. Working on making some oval nesting shaker boxes.

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