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TV Console in Walnut and Bog Oak

Posted on May 7th, by Andy Brownell in Projects, Wood. No Comments


I recently wrapped up my latest project. It’s a TV console made from walnut and some sweet 5,000+ year old German Bog Oak veneer I got from Midwest Woodworking here in Cincinnati.

It sits 26″ tall and is 42″ wide x 20″ deep. The dovetailed case is nothing more than a larger version of my Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest flipped on it’s side. I laminated two pieces of 6/4 walnut together for each of the hand shaped legs. I went with a more organic feel to the legs to balance out the boxiness of the case. The sliding door panels each hold a Bog Oak veneer book matched panel.


The best part of this project was removing my 10 year old black vinyl laminated P.O.S. that held our TV before.


The panels also seem to match our carpet’s olive and brown tones as well – bonus.

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