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Tool Tills on the TATC

Posted on January 16th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. No Comments

TATC tool tills

The long weekend gave me enough time to finish up the tool tills and their guides along each of the sides for my traveling anarchist’s tool chest. I’ll be working on some minor modifications to the saw till Chris Schwarz details in his book and then it’s on to hardware and finishing. Luckily, Mr. Schwarz made it easy on the hardware side of things with his recent post about what hardware to use from Horton Brass. You can read more about it here. I will probably look into adding some handles to help lift/stabilize the chest when it gets moved. It’s a heavy sucker and doesn’t even have tools in it yet. Small casters may be the best way to navigate this in my workshop moving forward. I’m also really liking the contrasts of the walnut heart/sapwood at the bottom and how it compliments the maple tills.

TATC Tool Tills

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