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The Power of Content and Real-Time Marketing (via @PHFagency)

Posted on September 28th, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion. No Comments

Here are a few thoughts from my day job at Powerhouse Factories here in Cincinnati that relate to brands as well as woodworkers. After all, aren’t we simply cultivating our own brands as woodworkers online? The first excerpt is around how to approach content marketing, and the second is around real-time marketing. Enjoy.

Helping Brands Become the Best Themselves They Can Be

Regardless of size, many brands today are challenged with leveraging their own unique points of differentiation. I’m not referring to a bulleted list of items on a marketing strategy sheet, though. They lack the ability to tap into their own internal expertise or stockpile of knowledge and use it to tell a relevant and meaningful story. That story becomes the baseline for content a brand publishes. As online content continues to make significant strides in helping brands get found (SEO + social + content), focused content is critical. Read more here.


Real Time Marketing: Less Thinking, More Doing

mapleDavid Merman Scott strongly advocates that brands take advantage of Real Time marketing in today’s consumer-driven landscape. There are plenty of cases as to why this approach, whether proactive or reactive, can help a brand avert disaster, or even launch itself into relevancy. Either way, it’s about generating attention around what’s going on this instant and doing something about it. Read more here.

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