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The Midwest Woodworking Mega-Sale of the Century Aug 16-17

Posted on July 16th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 3 comments


2013 has been a tough year to compete when it comes to woodworking event “stuntery”. With gatherings like Handworks in Amana IA, The French Oak Roubo Build, WIA 2013, and even the telephone design game in Woodchat, it’s hard to break through the clutter. I do however, think I’ve got one that might compete.

4019 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OHMidwest Woodworking in Cincinnati Ohio will be closing it’s doors for business. Only recently has it’s owner Frank David been open to selling off what some might consider the undiscovered country of lumber caches. Chris Schwarz and I have written, photographed and documented a few smaller events as recent as the one in May dubbed “Operation Morning Wood“. This time around, it’s different. Much, much different.

The price list is still being compiled, which I will immediately publish once it’s available. But here’s an idea:

To not come to this event at great expense and hundreds of miles would be nothing short of foolish. Why? Because chances are some point very soon the whole place will likely go up for auction.

Where: Midwest Woodworking, 4019 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH

When: Friday/Saturday August 16-17, 9 am- 2pm

Details: Bring cash and a truck. I’m thinking beers and burgers at Gordos afterwards, because it’s going to be a long, hot one.

Stay tuned for more details, price list and other activities. I’m sure you’ll hear more from Chris Schwarz and the fine folks over at Popular Woodworking Magazine.

And feel free to email me with any questions at: allenworb@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “The Midwest Woodworking Mega-Sale of the Century Aug 16-17

  1. I knew the owner Frank David and his father Joe David.His father fled germany when Hitker was taking power.Joe was so poor he had to defficate in a bucket and take it home for disposal.When I was in the shop one day Frank David took me in to show me the lathe he just bought.It was a ditigal twinning lathe.He loaded a spindle in the rack.The lathe would scan it and would feed material in and turn spindles all day without an operator.I used to buy small batches of great hardwoods and veneer really CHEAP!

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