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The Lobstar – Handcrafted Holiday Awesomeness

Posted on November 22nd, by Andy Brownell in Publications, video. 1 Comment

I wanted to give a shout out to an old H.S. Classmate, Chris Brady and his side business making The Lobstar. A native New Englander whose mission is to top every tree with a lobster holding a star – The Lobstar. When he’s not coming up with great creative at Mullen in Boston, he makes these unique tree toppers around the holidays.

Here is a great video and link to a post of what he does to prepare each one for shipping. Great job Chris, and I hope you have a good Lobstar season that would make the folks in Galilee, RI jealous. You can order them here on his site. Available in three colors and perfect for any tree topper or any lobster lover.

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