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The Hidden Potential of a Black Walnut Tree

Posted on August 27th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 5 comments

24" diameter black walnut tree

I love trees, and even though it kills me to see this tree come down for a construction project in the next few weeks, for a co-worker I know it will go to good use in 3 years or so. Perhaps a table, bed, some chairs, who knows.

At over 24″ in diameter, this black walnut is uninterrupted for the first 10′, then the next 8′ should produce some usable 6-12″ wide boards as well. I’m thinking it should yield four 16/4 pieces (always tough to find in walnut), and then a number of 8/4 boards for the rest. Perhaps some 4/4 stock from the upper pieces. Air drying is going to require some space, a ton of spacers and time. I’ve learned enough from my first go around in having wood milled and dried. Better to go thicker, flat as hell, and bound with metal straps. Something tells me the extra effort is going to be worth it in the fall of 2015. Time will tell.

What would you do with a tree like this? If it’s anything like some of the other walnut or cherry on this property that had fallen and was milled a few years ago, it should be pretty sweet. Stay tuned on that front.

5 thoughts on “The Hidden Potential of a Black Walnut Tree

  1. Can you kiln dry it instead? There’s likely a small mill near by that would for a modest fee dry the lumber in their kiln for you.

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