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A shout-out to Mr. Roubo, Moxon and Abraham: Finished Workbench

Posted on July 9th, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop, Gorilla Glue, Projects. 2 comments

Every so often, I get to build something that truly transforms my perspective as a woodworker. My latest project, the Benchcrafted split-top Roubo work bench was one of those projects.

Not that the project was technically difficult, although I was faced with a few challenges, including not reading a clearly called out warning on page one of the template instructions to check the scale of your printer.┬áThis project started with humble beginnings as a fallen maple tree, then took 2 1/2 years to dry, and another 3 months to complete. It cost me close to $2,000 between materials, clamps, hardware, and … Read More »

When 1″ Doesn’t Equal Exactly 1″

Posted on June 30th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 1 Comment

After a very helpful Google+ WoodChat on Wednesday, I was able to figure out why my Benchcrafted tail vise holes were off by so much, close to 1/4″ overall along the 4″ thick top.

Apparently Adobe .PDF files will scale to fit a page, based on a printers pre-set printable area. In my case, my printer at work scaled things down slightly, around 1/32″ for every 1″.

This caused some serious rework on the end cap and guide rails. It’s not perfect, but it is really starting to look like a workbench!

Moral of the story: If you are using .PDF file templates, … Read More »

Split-Top Roubo: Tweaked From the Start

Posted on February 19th, by Andy Brownell in Design, Gorilla Glue, Projects. No Comments

I knew right away that I would be making some tweaks to the overall plans from Benchcrafted’s split-top Roubo workbench. My 350 sq/ft shop simply can’t accommodate the full sized bench at 87″, that is unless I want to smash my elbow when planing wood on it. Because of this space limitation, I’m going to do the “baby” Roubo that is ~72″.

This is fortunate because the top laminate pieces (from a locally-harvested log i dried over the last three years) were really twisted and it took some work with Frank David of MidWest Woodworking to get that out of the … Read More »