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Get Woodworking Week: Filling Knot Holes

Posted on February 8th, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop, Gorilla Glue. No Comments

This is a post I originally made back in 2009 following Woodworking in America. Here’s an easy way to fix some mistakes (for beginners or advanced woodworkers) with Gorilla’s 2-Part Epoxy. I’ve also got a video posted here on Tube in case you don’t feel like reading.

The wood that I obtained from a local source was decent, but certainly not top grade material. It had some knots on otherwise clear boards, and it just didn’t seem right to trash a huge piece on account of a few minor imperfections. The inside of the bookcase only had one spot the size … Read More »

Get Woodworking Week: South African Biltong Maker

Posted on February 4th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. No Comments

Being married to a South African brings with it some pretty interesting experiences and cultural idiosyncrasies. For example, they love dried meats. They call it Biltong, and take it very seriously. Think of Biltong as home-made beef jerky, without the nitrates. The meat (beef is most popular)is cut into strips, then covered in a variety of seasonings and salts, sits in the fridge for 24 hours. Then it is hung in a box to dry for typical 4 days, upon which you remove it and cut it into bite-sized delicious meaty-goodness.

That’s where Get Woodworking Week comes in. My South African … Read More »

Get Woodworking Week Modern Shelf Project Video

Posted on February 9th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, Projects, video. No Comments

I’d like to submit this humble little shelf project I did a few years ago for WIA 2009 that was a part of a video project I did with Gorilla Glue. This was a part of a series of shelves I did to practice some hand cut dovetails in curly cherry and purple heart. The video at this link gives a more basic approach to building them with rabbet construction and dowels. All materials you can purchase stock from a local big-box.

If you are looking for another easy alternative Megan’s Fitzpatrick has got one here at Popular Woodworking’s “I do … Read More »