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Split-Top Roubo – DIY Dowel Plate for Drawbore Pins

Posted on April 7th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, Projects. No Comments

I have been at a standstill in the assembly of my split-top Roubo base assembly. I wanted to use the drawbore pin method of assembling the mortise and tenon joinery, but didn’t have a dowel plate to make my own dowels from the secondary wood Niangon I have been using on my project. With a 30-45 day wait on the dowel plate from Lie-Nielsen, I couldn’t wait any longer. So I dug through my pile of scrap metal left over from a table and bench project I built a while back and found a 5″ piece of standard rolled steel @ 1/4″ thick from my local HomeDepot.

homemade drawbore pin dowel plate

I cut a 3/8″ hole through the whole piece to match the size of the dowel stock I’d be driving through the hole. Then I flipped it over and used a 13/32″ carbide bit to make the exit hole slightly larger. The taper on the tip of the bit was just enough to widen the exit hole on the steel plate. Although it wasn’t perfect, the Niangon was malleable enough to squeeze through the offset holes of the mortise and tenon joints on my Roubo base. The offset of the two holes with the drawbore pin really pulled the shoulders of the rail tenon right up against the leg. I used very little glue and left the clamps on the rack. Although I did use a little Gorilla Wood Glue for extra hold, I probably could have gotten away with no glue. No worries Lie-Nielsen, I still  plan on investing in the right tool later this month. 😉

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