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Holiday Tool Review: No-Frills, Unsung Heroes

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I’m building a few Shaker-style occasional tables in the hopes that I can find a few people looking for a special gift in time for the Holidays. The project includes one small side table in walnut, plus a slightly larger cherry one and a companion hall table. Nothing complicated, but with mortise and tenon joinery including drawbore pins made of ash, they’ll be built to last 200+ years. I’ve built plenty of tables like this, but have never used drawbore pins to beef-up the joints. This project allowed me dig into my Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest and use two no-frills, … Read More »

Midwest Woodworking: A Photographic Tour

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I’ve spent plenty of time over the last few years spending my money at Midwest Woodworking here in Cincinnati. I learned about Frank David (owner) and his cache of impressive machinery and lumber from a friend who handled his insurance policy. Chris Schwarz, Megan Fitzpatrick and countless others from Woodworking in America conferences have learned about what you can find in this 60,000+ sq/ft facility.

I decided to post a brief photo tour on Pinterest here of the place and a sample of what it has to offer. Bring money, call in advance: 513-631-6684 and leave a message for Frank. Then … Read More »

Factors Contributing to Glue Creep in Woodworking

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Glue line telegraphing (glue-creep) occurs on exposed wood joints as a thin, slightly raised bump along adjacent glued surfaces. This study was designed to evaluate what factors may contribute to this taking place for wood to wood applications. Over the last year, in conjunction with The Gorilla Glue Company, we tested a number of scenarios across a variety of seven wood species, seven adhesive types and four finishes. Initially, when the test samples acclimated within a stable environment, no visible glue-line creep appeared. However, longer-term natural seasonal changes in Cincinnati, OH as well as lab-controlled environmental fluctuations of temperature and … Read More »

A Furniture Collaboration with Brush Factory of Cincinnati

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It’s been over a year since I started this project at Woodworking in America 2011. They are a set of lounge chairs in Sapele. Admittedly, they are not my design. They are replicas of Thomas Moser’s Windward lounge chair and I really liked them, so I took it upon myself to build a pair. Each required 78 mortise and tenon joints as well as a series of complex glue up which made gluing up a dovetailed case piece seem like child’s play.

Because I have absolutely zero skills when it comes to working with fabric, let alone upholstery, I had to … Read More »

Mister Geppetto and his Magical Miniature Bow-Lathe

Posted on November 7th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, Projects. 1 Comment

Connecting with fellow woodworkers this year at WIA was awesome as usual, but probably one of the most interesting encounters I had was with an Italian gentleman who was showing off a miniature version of a bow-lathe. He, and his recently deceased brother seemed to have a background as traditional turners. The model of the lathe had all of the moving functional parts of a full size version, all in a compact hand held size. One of the coolest things was that it had clearly visible, double-wedged through tenons on the frame. Check out the detail shot below. Did anyone … Read More »

Create Your Own Web Anarchy with Tools for the Digital Woodworker

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Over the last year, I’ve really ramped up on building and blogging about woodworking. I made a deliberate decision to set up a few principles that would guide the projects I built and the topics I wrote about. In my business, this is loosely identified as an editorial strategy. Nothing new of course, but when it comes to digital content publication and distribution, there are a number of easy resources you can use to help drive the choices you make when it comes to developing editorial content strategy.

The best way to break this down is by analyzing your top posts … Read More »

Sugar Maple: burl or cluster, you decide.

Posted on October 28th, by Andy Brownell in Wood. 2 comments

While out for dinner at a friend’s home this weekend, I spotted this tree on their property. It’s definitely a Sugar Maple, based on the leaves and bark. It forked at three points approximately 5 feet up, with each segment approximately 20″-25″ in diameter, making the tree probably around 80+ years old or so. What really struck me was the consistent distribution of these large, burl-like growths. The smaller ones were about the size of a fist, the larger ones were 8″-12″ across.

After doing some research, I found a few other instances of this type of growth that is popular … Read More »

10 Things Every Woodworking Blogger & Brand Should Know

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I spend a good deal of time thinking about how to connect what I do in my personal life (woodworking blogger and Gorilla Glue Spokesperson) with my professional career (digital marketing and strategy). I’m a huge proponent of the old adage “Practice what you preach” in business. I employ a variety of strategies through editorial content creation, distribution and sharing. Based on what works for my personal brand, I then apply similar strategies across the digital landscape for the clients I serve.

For the last two days, I’ve spent at a professional marketing conference here in Cincinnati. The Digital Non-Conference is … Read More »

Good reading from the WIA Marketplace

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Over the last few years, my exposure to WIA has been primarily through the marketplace activities. You can find me working at the Gorilla Glue booth conducting demos and talking all things glue. Because of that, I haven’t been able to attend the seminars, which is the really exciting part of the event. Although a big box from Lie-Nielsen a few weeks later is also pretty sweet. To compensate for that, I’ve picked up the new books by many of the featured speakers.

This has been not only helpful, but also an inspiring way to help guide me on projects, technique … Read More »

Cincinnati’s French Art Deco Spectacle

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It’s a little more than one week away from the Woodworking in America Conference here in town. Well, actually not in Cincinnati, but in Covington, KY. But that’s a different story. I definitely have furniture and design on the brain. I also have blogging and social media on my mind, so here is my first official WIA 2012 blog entry.

I got in a little early to a professional conference “Digital Non-Conference“, and had an opportunity to take some pictures before the crowds got big. The hotel this kicks off in is the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. ¬†Built in 1930, the … Read More »