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Why the Woodworking in America Conference is so Freakin’ Awesome

Posted on September 17th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, marketing & promotion. 2 comments

I’m in the thick of things when it comes to preparing for my 5th Woodworking in America Conference. As an exhibitor (Gorilla Glue’s “official” woodworker), I’m working on preparing something interesting to share with fellow woodworkers while working in the Marketplace. This year we’re going old-school and featuring Gorilla’s original polyurethane formula. It involves really strong joinery for outdoor teak furniture. Here’s a sneak peek below:

The Teak “Conversation Bench” in the early stages of dry fitting and shaping.

Which leads me to the point of this post, Why WIA? Everyone has their reasons, and mine are only a sample … Read More »

Bench Prototype Video for 8/28 Woodchat

Posted on August 28th, by Andy Brownell in Design, Gorilla Glue, Projects. No Comments

Fun-Sized Furniture with a 1:6 Scale Prototype Bench

Posted on August 26th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, marketing & promotion, Projects. No Comments

Building furniture is always very satisfying, but building a scale model of a piece of furniture is really fun. I’m a fan of playing to your strengths. So that’s why I only spend a small amount of time fussing with a drawing. My skills are somewhat lacking in that area. I do much better working in three dimensions. Scale models allow me to get to a place where I know the design and proportions work well together. This one took me about 4 hours, including the mini parts milling. I used some Niangon wood left over from an older project, … Read More »

Furniture Design with Scale Model Prototypes

Posted on August 22nd, by Andy Brownell in Design, Gorilla Glue, Projects. 1 Comment

After the huge wood sale this past weekend, I’ve accumulated enough lumber for the next few years of projects. It’s been close to a month since I made some sawdust but I’ve finally begun the design process on my next project. It’s a commissioned outdoor bench made from teak, so every cut counts. Much like the last project, I’m doing only very rough sketches and moving into building a scale model prototype. Scale models make it easier for me to think through the various angles and dimensions in a way my rudimentary drawings don’t allow. Plus, with only a small … Read More »

For Everyone Who Attended The Midwest Woodworking Sale Event

Posted on August 18th, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion, Wood. 5 comments

Taking a quick break on Friday morning for a picture with Frank David, Owner Midwest Woodworking.

Last night’s dose of Advil has all but worn off by now. My body aches are likely to continue as I begin to move the 450 bd/ft pile of lumber from my car’s garage spot into the storage locker in my basement. However, these are not complaints. They are the lingering reminders of what was considered by most of the 200+ attendees an extremely successful event. Friday was in fact a personal day off from work my company refers to as a “Curiosity … Read More »

A Tavola: Pizza Master, Furniture Maker

Posted on August 10th, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion. 2 comments

Food critiques are not my area of expertise, but here’s why I’m writing one.

Last night, my wife suggested we check out A Tavola Pizza located in Over the Rhine Cincinnati. It was her birthday, and who am I to turn down pizza. They specialize in hand made, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, great wines, craft beer, and craft cocktails. Our seats were right at the pizza bar so we had a view into the oven as the pizzas cooked for ~90 seconds in the 1,000+ degree oven. Hot out of the oven, their specialty artichoke pizza was delicious. The mix of fresh … Read More »

What Motivates the Furnituremaker, Material or Design?

Posted on August 8th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, marketing & promotion, Wood. 2 comments

I guess it all depends. But it seems like there are two basic schools of thought.


Design motivates me when it comes to taking on new challenges or fabrication techniques. Bent lamination, organic curves and using veneer in my designs are relatively new areas for me. I’ve been a pretty boxy guy when it comes to furniture design. I think it’s partly due to my limited free time to actually spend in the shop. My wife would probably tell you it’s my type-A personality that always seeks order. Being a parent with a full time job outside of my basement and … Read More »

Lumber Sale Update and Details from Midwest Woodworking

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Teak and Sapele boards from Midwest Woodworking

I spent a few hours at Midwest Woodworking yesterday afternoon. I pulled aside some of the boards I’ll be purchasing on the day of the event (Bubinga, Sapele, Teak) and spoke about having some custom veneer panels made up from Kawazinga (waterfall) Bubinga. While I was there, five people were cleaning, organizing and preparing the facility for the lumber, veneer and equipment sale in less than two weeks. It’s the cleanest and most organized I’ve ever seen the place, and considering the size, there’s more work planned prior to the event. With … Read More »

The Equipment of Midwest Woodworking

Posted on July 29th, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop, marketing & promotion, Tools. No Comments

I’ve posted nearly 50 photos and descriptions of the equipment for sale at Midwest Woodworking. The large majority of this stuff is, well, large. And much of it is wired for 3-phase. Lots of industrial sized german equipment that is in some cases 10% of the cost of some new equipment. There are about a dozen shop carts available (the ones architects use for loft decor), as well as clamps galore and small electronic tools.

You can take a look at what you’ll find here on Pinterest:

Midwest Woodworking Equipment for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing anything, contact Frank David at … Read More »

Veneer Price List from Midwest Woodworking

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One of several rooms of veneer available at Midwest Woodworking.

I received the veneer inventory and price list from Frank David the other day. I’m posting a link here¬†Midwest Woodworking Veneer Prices¬†for everyone to take a look at.

A few words about what you might find: full flitches of Australian walnut and Kewazinga (waterfall) Bubinga, and some 1/16″ thick English Brown Oak and Bee Sting Oak that has changed my somewhat negative bias towards Oak.

Frank can also sell a variety of species by the individual piece as well, including some one of a kid 36″+ burl sheets to shorts of … Read More »