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Midwest Woodworking Sale 8/23, 25% off Lumber, 40% off Veneer

Posted on August 7th, by Andy Brownell in Wood. 13 comments

Approximately one year ago, I helped arrange what I thought would be the last lumber sale open to the public at Midwest Woodworking in Cincinnati, OH. Since Frank David’s passing (the owner of Midwest Woodworking), they’ve occasionally opened their doors to move their vast inventory of both domestic and exotic hardwoods that had been amassed over nearly 60 years.

Anyone who follows my blog, or Chris Schwarz blog, or has taken any of his classes locally, can attest to what can be found there. While many of the widest boards of Honduran Mahogany have been picked over, there are still … Read More »

5 Things Pinterest Can Teach a Woodworker

Posted on July 30th, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion, Projects. 1 Comment

Occasionally, I’m able to merge my professional discipline (advertising & marketing) with my personal passion (woodworking). What seem to be two completely opposed disciplines on the surface, can actually serve as good learning tools, especially if you like tracking data. It allows me to explore, be curious and see what happens when some thought actually goes into the two disciplines. It also makes me better informed when developing content strategies for clients. Opportunities like this have been the most valuable professional learning experiences I’ve had in my 18 year career as an AdMan.

Brands Must Connect with Content Creators

Case in point: I … Read More »

Five months of mostly small craft projects.

Posted on July 28th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 2 comments

Brownell Furniture Small Crafts and Home Decor Projects

Five months is far too long to take between blog posts. I’m guilty of not doing the very things I tell my clients if they want to make the most of their web sites—create good content, frequently. In that time, I’ve been busy making a series of small-batch craft projects (many have been posted on my Pinterest page and updated through my Instagram account.) This has been quite a commitment of my time for the last 5 months, but not without it’s benefits.

Small-batch projects allow you to experiment with new materials, techniques … Read More »

An Improvised Approach to Furniture Design

Posted on February 14th, by Andy Brownell in Design, Gorilla Glue, Projects. 2 comments

I’ve spent the last couple of months on a combination of small crafts and some commission work, along with refining a design for a desk project I’ve taken on for my daughter’s room. Parts of the desk will be made from solid 8/4 bubinga slabs I got from Frank David at Midwest Woodworking before they shut their doors. It’s price, and special gift at dulling tool blades is making me take an extra long time on design refinement before I start to make cuts. This design refinement is the subject of my improvised approach to furniture design. This approach is … Read More »

Project Gallery: Teak Conversation Bench

Posted on December 28th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 1 Comment

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Furniture Design Inspiration Part 2: A Visit with Jeff Miller

Posted on December 27th, by Andy Brownell in Design. 3 comments

While in Chicago I stopped by J. Miller Handcrafted Furniture on Monday and spent the morning watching him wrap up another one of his bent lamination walnut rocking chairs. He showed one of these at WIA 2012 during his lecture on chair design.

It was down to waxing and flossing (clearing the tough to reach cracks), as well as attaching the carved seat. Jeff uses wax that is custom tinted to better match the walnut when it dries, so rather than the white flecks common with some, this dries a color that compliments the chair. When seated at this chair, you melt into … Read More »

Furniture Design Inspiration Part 1: Art Institute of Chicago

Posted on December 26th, by Andy Brownell in Design, Projects. No Comments

I’ve been in toasty-warm Chicago since Saturday, visiting family and alternating between lethargic periods of movie-lounging, and grazing on some tasty food and drink. Sloth and gluttony however, weren’t the only deadly sins checked-off the list. You see, I took a few diversions in-between to add envy and lust to the list, at least when it comes to looking for inspiration on my next project. On Sunday I visited the Chicago Art Institute with my sister, and had an eye on their American Decorative Arts exhibit.

The first exhibit I spent some quality time in was the American decorative arts section of … Read More »

An Extended Thanksgivukkah Weekend Campaign Furniture Campaign

Posted on December 1st, by Andy Brownell in Campaign Furniture, Projects. 1 Comment

After a feverous bout of Thanksgivukkah eating binges and family gatherings, interspersed with long periods of time in my man-cave workshop, I’ve finally come up to take a breath. Literally, because I’ve been working with some Burmese teak again, and I’m always wearing the dust mask, particularly with the turning I’ve been doing over the last week. The Teak dust tends to stick to things because of the oil content of the wood, as well as the fact that each turning chip is a positively charged particle looking for a place to stick. Up until recently, I’ve never been much … Read More »

Come Visit The Gorilla Glue Booth at Woodworking in America

Posted on October 13th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, marketing & promotion, Projects. No Comments

Come see this pile of teak parts turn into a functional and tough piece of furniture at the Gorilla Glue Booth on Friday and Saturday.

Next week will be my 5th Woodworking in America conference working for Gorilla Glue at their booth.  The Gorilla Glue Company has been a sponsor of this event since it’s inception, and has continued to show it’s support of woodworkers, hobbyists and DIY’ers everywhere. They are a local Cincinnati company, with products made in America employing hundreds of families that continues to bring new and innovative products to market.

Parts for the draw … Read More »

R.I.P. Frank David: Thanks for Sharing Your Passion for Wood

Posted on September 24th, by Andy Brownell in Wood. 15 comments


The last time I spent with Frank David in August at Midwest Woodworking.

It’s never easy to come to grips with the death of a friend. However, the recent passing of Frank David, of Midwest Woodworking didn’t come as a total surprise. Frank has been in and out of the hospital for the last five years since I’ve known him. His health had continued to go downhill over the last decade and had according to some, he “cheated death” more than a few times. He had a strong will and constitution, but sadly, his body finally gave out earlier … Read More »