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PWW #196 “I can do that” Shelf Project with Daughter

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I’ve built a few projects with my kids in the past – mostly toys and tiny houses. Their level of involvement has always been a challenge due to their somewhat short attention spans. A good “beginner’s” woodworking project for kids allows you the instructor to offer a number of different tasks and skills to the assembly, while still being easy enough to see tangible results along the way. This is where I’ve struggled in the past, finding the right combination of those attributes.

Little did I know, the answer was right under my nose: Popular Woodworking’s “I can do that” articles. … Read More »

Design Inspiration from Local Organic Forms

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Cincinnati today was close to 60 degrees. This isn’t entirely unusual for this time of the year, but we have had quite a few days like that all month long. I know, you are probably thinking I just jinxed us entirely for the month of March, but either way you look at it the flowers are starting to bloom. In my mind, Spring is here.

I’ve been stuck in a 90 degree-rut as of late with a number of recent furniture projects that have lots of 90 degree angles. In fact the only deviations of that are the 8-degree slope of … Read More »

Hoggin’ Out The Waste

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Bench top mortiser hard at work on the split-top Roubo’s massive maple legs.

Dang, this Roubo build isn’t cheap!

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Let’s break things down here so far:

 ~200 bd/ft log of hard maple cut by local sawyer: $250.
Materials for outdoor drying rack: $80
Milling of maple on heavy equipment (4 hrs of machine time): $240.
Benchcrafted Bench builder’s hardware kit: $750.
Miscellaneous pieces of maple or use of Niangon (estimated): $150.
Additional clamps (estimated): $200.
Resharpening my tool blades from the hard maple: $40.
2-3 bottles of Gorilla Wood Glue: $0 (thanks guys)

Total: $1,710.


Fortunately, this should be the last bench I build for at least 50 years.

Anyone else want to share their price tag so far?

The little table SawStop that could?!

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3-1/4″ of maple on a 1-1/2″ contractors saw? Hmm…perhaps I’ll give the bandsaw a go instead and just join it flush. Anyone go this thick on maple? It’s not like it hasn’t bound up and stopped on me so far. More to come in the next day or so.

Split-Top Roubo: Tweaked From the Start

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I knew right away that I would be making some tweaks to the overall plans from Benchcrafted’s split-top Roubo workbench. My 350 sq/ft shop simply can’t accommodate the full sized bench at 87″, that is unless I want to smash my elbow when planing wood on it. Because of this space limitation, I’m going to do the “baby” Roubo that is ~72″.

This is fortunate because the top laminate pieces (from a locally-harvested log i dried over the last three years) were really twisted and it took some work with Frank David of MidWest Woodworking to get that out of the … Read More »

Lounge Chair Seat Cushion Support Ideas?

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Back in October at Woodworking in America, I was knee-deep in assembly and glue-up of a pair of lounge chairs. These each have about 78 mortise and tenon joints. And thanks to my Powermatic PM701 bench top mortiser, the work went much faster and more accurate than I had even hoped. Money well spent.

I take no credit on the design of these, only the fabrication from a rough PDF of this chair design (Winward Lounge Chairs) by Thos. Moser. I love his stuff, but could never afford it.

They are all finished and waxed up, and only require the … Read More »

Completed Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest

Posted on February 13th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 5 comments

I had a chance to wrap up the final finish and details of my Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest this weekend. Here is a gallery with some more of the photos of the chest filled with my tools.

I learned a lot on this project and am glad the walnut went to good use. Thanks to Chris Schwarz for the inspiration, guidance and a little publicity along the way.

I’ll have this at the Woodworking In America event this fall at the Gorilla Glue booth.

Split-Top Roubo: Bringing Out the “Big Guns”

Posted on February 12th, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop, Projects, Tools, video. 3 comments

Although it pains us to do so, woodworkers have to ask for a hand once in a while. One of my next projects, the Benchcrafted split-top Roubo bench is one example of that. The bench calls for about 250-300 bd/ft of materials, in this case some rock maple I had cut from a log about 2 1/2 years ago after a hurricane came through Cincinnati. (Yes that can happen from time to time).

Here is a quick :90 sec video tour of one of the machine rooms we used to mill up the maple.


Because I seasoned it myself outside on … Read More »

Get Woodworking Week Modern Shelf Project Video

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I’d like to submit this humble little shelf project I did a few years ago for WIA 2009 that was a part of a video project I did with Gorilla Glue. This was a part of a series of shelves I did to practice some hand cut dovetails in curly cherry and purple heart. The video at this link gives a more basic approach to building them with rabbet construction and dowels. All materials you can purchase stock from a local big-box.

If you are looking for another easy alternative Megan’s Fitzpatrick has got one here at Popular Woodworking’s “I do … Read More »