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What every woodworking dad loves to see

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Dealing With Mistakes On My Roubo Bench

Posted on June 27th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 1 Comment

My Roubo bench project has been far from perfect, nor should I expect it to be so, after all, it is a workbench. I’ve had to make some tough choices on size based on materials, tweaked some joinery, messed up router bushings, and even have had to enlist the help of some heavy machinery at a local shop to level things out. Certainly a learning experience on a number of levels.

The Benchcrafted hardware comes with some really well detailed instructions. Jameel updates his files on a regular basis if something is slightly off and lets everyone know. However, I must … Read More »

All Things Glue Creep

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As a compliment to the Woodchat discussion tonight, I thought I’d make it easy and provide a single post with all of the links around the topic of Glue Creep I’ve written so far. I was planning on finishing up a baker’s dozen bench dogs for my split-top Roubo, but I guess not tonight.

Glue Creep Study (Part 1): Analysis of Factors Contributing to Glue Line Transmission “glue-creep” in Wood Joinery

Why We Obsess: A few thoughts on why some things are simply out of our control (like glue creep)

Getting Found Online: Some free professional advice from me (digital marketing is my day … Read More »

Exotic Roubo Leg Vise

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Sure, the use of “exotic legs” in my title  is bound to get me indexed by Google for something totally different than workbenches, but everyone knows what the internet is really meant for. 😉

I’ve had some left over Niangon boards (a West African species used for timber framing and boat building) from a previous project that was well suited for a few of the non-structural elements of this bench build. Plus, I didn’t have the thick/wide boards necessary for the leg vise in Maple, hence the need to go digging in my “left-overs” pile. I also have built the Benchcrafted … Read More »

Glittering brass shards on the shop floor.

Posted on June 3rd, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop, Projects. 3 comments

I’ve moved onto starting the dog hole strip for my split-top Roubo bench. I built out a nice router template and gave it a shot on a test strip. Well, I had two things working against me, a slightly wobbly plunge-router base and I took a little too much off in one pass and this is what happened. Now I’m out a guide bushing and a $40 spiral up-cut bit. I still can see a few glittering pieces of the brass guide bushing on the shop floor.

In retrospect, I should have started out with a much more conservative series of … Read More »

Bench Building: The Epic Journey of Acer saccharum

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Like many woodworkers over the last year, I am participating in what is probably one of the largest, most concentrated workbench building efforts in modern history. Chris Schwarz, Popular Woodworking, Jameel Abraham at Benchcrafted, and Marc Spagnuolo, among others, have been the catalyst for this frenzy. To that end, I have to imagine that there has been an increased demand on 8/4 maple and massive douglass fir beams.

My friend Jeff Miller is no stranger to building workbenches. In fact, he’s designed a mini-workbench that goes on top of your existing workbench. This “Benchtop Bench” is a bit of a functional … Read More »

Late Entry for Shop Safety Week (warning: graphic hand injury)

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It’s hard to believe, but I forgot to share my own personal story for shop safety week, so here is my late entry on the long list of table saw injuries.
Back in September 2001, I was working on some rail and stile dados to accept a panel for a blanket chest. I decided to do a stop cut with a stacked dado blade about 11/16″ wide.

Needless to say, this was a poor choice and the last time I ever made such a cut. The rail shot backwards, kicking past my mid-section by about 100 mph, while the top/inside of my … Read More »

Wood Lamination Glue-Up Strategies

Posted on May 12th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, Projects, Uncategorized. 1 Comment

For several reasons, laminations are almost a completely different type of glue-up when you compare them with all of the other joinery glue-up scenarios. First, the total surface coverage is significantly greater than a mortise and tenon, panel glue-up and even a case of dovetails. Covering a larger area with glue takes more time to apply evenly. With this additional time, you begin to eat into your open working time – or the time you have before things start to dry. Second, the greater volume of glue coverage tends to slip and slide around during clamp-up, making proper alignment tricky. … Read More »

Actor, Woodworker, Bacon Aficionado.

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Fan art of Mr. Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman)

Woodworking Dads: Are you the one who plays blocks with your children?

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This is one of those interesting times where I can connect my personal interests and professional career as a marketing strategist. Plus if you contribute, there’s something in it for you!

Perhaps this is a loaded question considering the forum, but I’m interested in hearing about your experiences in playing blocks (Lego, Duplo, MegaBloks, wooden, etc.) with your kids, particularly between the ages of 1-5 yrs. I’m looking to answer questions like:

Do you see this as an activity that Dad does, versus Mom?
Do you influence the purchase of these types of toys?
Describe  your experiences with block play time with your kids.
What … Read More »