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Long ago, in a German bog a mighty oak fell.

Posted on August 11th, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion, Wood. 5 comments

Somebody then found it and had it cut into veneer, who knows when. The colors range from a medium tobacco brown through nearly charcoal black. Medullary rays appear throughout the veneer stack and have an almost olive tint to them in the light.

I came across a number of stacks of this veneer tucked away in a back corner of Midwest Woodworking here in Cincinnati. This is a 6″ wide strip with some pretty exceptional figure and color. The outer part of the tree was exposed to the slow staining decay of the bog which gave it the dark color. This piece is has a single coat of Danish oil. Pressed and sanded flat, it would be exceptional. I’ve got a few ideas for using some of this stuff as a set of book matched door panels or an inlay on a table top.

Imagine what you could do with stuff like this or any of the other 100’s of species of veneer available at Midwest Woodworking. The place sure isn’t fancy, but the racks and racks of veneer and 100’s of thousands of bt/ft of lumber are fancy. ┬áChris Schwarz and I have written about the place before. Single 12′ long 24″ wide boards of solid 5/4 teak aren’t uncommon, neither are 24′ ┬álong complete boules of 8/4 makore (African cherry) or a stack of pre-blight chestnut that was milled over 100 years ago. Boards of a lifetime kind of stuff. Got the point?

The thing is, Frank David, the owner, is getting serious about selling stuff to the public. He’s thinking of opening the place up to people during WIA to come by as an “unofficial” outing. His prices are crazy competitive, and you’ll probably see some things you didn’t think existed anymore. I’m thinking if anyone who would read and respond to this with a simple sign of interest in taking a 15 minute drive north of the WIA event this fall, I’m pretty sure everyone would go home with something special to try out all of those tools and skills you picked up over the weekend.

P.S. Chris Schwarz promised to bring the Coors Light Party Ball if we can get enough interest.


5 thoughts on “Long ago, in a German bog a mighty oak fell.

  1. Mr. Brownell,

    Which night should we hold this wood fest? We are also trying to set up an unofficial Roubo party where people will be able to see the original books, see the layouts for the new translation and drink French beverages.

    I’d hate for these two events to conflict. Friday? Saturday?

    • Count me in for any or all of the above. I think it’s a great idea. I left last year with a truck load of tools but wished there was more lumber to impulse buy. I’ll be ready to hit Frank’s place again by fall (if not sooner), would love to see the Roubo work again, and am always up for any event involving a ‘party ball’.

      Nice post

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