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July 11th #WoodChat Gorilla Glue Prize Packs

Posted on July 11th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, video. 16 comments

So to keep things interesting and engaging as possible, my friends at Gorilla Glue have kindly offered up for grabs three (3) prize packs for folks participating in tonight’s WoodChat around all things glue. The kit includes the following 100% Tough products:

  • 1- 18 oz. bottle of Gorilla Wood Glue (PVA)
  • 1 roll of Gorilla Tape
  • 1 package of Gorilla Epoxy
  • 1 bottle Gorilla Super Glue
  • 1 bottle of Gorilla Glue (polyurethane)
  • 1- 100% Tough Made in USA Gorilla t-shirt

Here’s all you have to do for a chance to win:

Submit an idea (by leaving a comment to this post below) from tonight’s WoodChat that covers one of the three areas:

  1. New product ideas: Think adhesives or anything else “Tough” that Gorilla could put it’s name on.
  2. Best “Tough” story: around glue-up or frankly putting any two things together that otherwise would never be connected.
  3. Fill in the blank: “If I were as tough as a gorilla I would _______________.”

You can submit as many as  you want in any or all of the categories, but can only win one prize pack. After all, fair is fair. Here is the video from WoodChat last night.


That’s it, we’ll pick the best submission from each category on Monday morning (7/16), share the results and reach back out to you for your shipping information.

Thanks for participating and good luck!


16 thoughts on “July 11th #WoodChat Gorilla Glue Prize Packs

  1. If I were as tough as a gorilla I wouldn’t need glue. I would just meld the pieces of wood together with shear strength.

    Hey, Spock had Mind Meld. I’d have Wood Meld…

  2. *Repositionable super tough notes (like P*st-It)

    *Construction Adhesive

    *Caulk that doesn’t peel off in a year

    *Cushioned Gorilla tape to use on tool handles (to prevent splinters and blisters)

    Ditto on the painters tape and velcro.

    If I were as tough as a Gorilla, I would not be typing on a keyboard because my sausage fingers would be so big.

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