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Installation of 100+ Year Old Hardware

Posted on February 3rd, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop, Projects, Tools. 4 comments

chest lift assembly on traveling anarchist tool chest

100 year old hardware deserves a screwdriver like this one.

My chest lift hardware arrived earlier this week from Robinson’s Antique hardware thanks to Chris Schwarz for the recommendation. Although my poll from a previous post solicited input on brass over cast iron handles, Robinson’s had only one brass handle remaining. Cast iron it is.

The cast iron handles and screws arrived looking like they had a good century of ware on them including some type of black enamel finish, well worn and rust free. The owner indicated the handles were probably from around the turn of the century. They actually looked very similar to a set that was on a blanket chest that was in my family growing up. I lightly cleaned and buffed the hardware with some 0000 steel wool and some butcher’s wax. In order for the screws to not poke through the other end, I had to grind down the tips about 1/8″. With four points of attachment on each handle, that shouldn’t really matter.

antique chest lifts from Robinson's AntiquesWith everything ready to go, I figured installation of these deserved using my new Elkhead Tools screwdrivers I picked up from WIA. Gary at Elkhead asked that I send along some photos of a project I used these screwdrivers with, so here it is. The screwdrivers work and feel great of course, and I think the cast iron handles create a great match the the dark antique hardware on the rest of the chest. I added a little denatured alcohol on the walnut to show the contrast here. Nice. Next up: beginning the finish process inside with shellac (thanks Jeff Miller) and outside with some Watco Danish Oil.

4 thoughts on “Installation of 100+ Year Old Hardware

  1. Jeff Miller reminded me before it was too late to use shellac versus Watco inside as it will smell rancid for a long time. I’d hate to have to hang a Playboy air freshener from the tills to balance it out. 😉

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