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#GorillaGlue Prize Pack Winners from July 11 #WoodChat

Posted on July 16th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, marketing & promotion. No Comments

Last week’s #WoodChat was a blast. Thanks to everyone for the discussion around all things Gorilla Glue and adhesives. A special shout-out to the co-hosts Matt Gradwohl (Upper Cut Woodworks) and Chris Wong (Flair Woodworks) for pulling everyone together and running such an awesome forum. I have to admit, a few of the questions even had me stumped, but the experts back at the office are working on responding to those this week. ¬†Nonetheless, here is a rundown of the three winners:

Best Tough Story:

  • This one didn’t get any submissions (sad trombone) but I’m sure everyone has at least one Tough story. As a reminder, you can always submit your Tough Story on the Gorilla Glue website here. If they like it, they’ll post it on their site for everyone to see.

New Product Ideas:

  • ¬†Samantha Wdwrkr (Warped Boards) for her double submission of two products that definitely need to get tough: “Velcro and Double-sided tape.”
  • John “Dozer” Mendoza (Dozer’s Workshop) for his awesome product extension idea: “Cushioned Gorilla tape to use on tool handles (to prevent splinters and blisters).”

Fill in the blank:

  • Lloyd Gibson¬†(Sawdust & Splinters) for his somewhat hairy combination: “If I were as tough as a gorilla I would have chest hair that grew in a flannel pattern of Norm Abrams and a mustache better than Roy Underhill.

So for each winner, please direct message me on twitter @allenworb with your shipping information and we’ll get your prize pack sent out.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

– Andy Brownell

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