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Good reading from the WIA Marketplace

Posted on October 23rd, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, Projects, Publications. No Comments

Over the last few years, my exposure to WIA has been primarily through the marketplace activities. You can find me working at the Gorilla Glue booth conducting demos and talking all things glue. Because of that, I haven’t been able to attend the seminars, which is the really exciting part of the event. Although a big box from Lie-Nielsen a few weeks later is also pretty sweet. To compensate for that, I’ve picked up the new books by many of the featured speakers.

This has been not only helpful, but also an inspiring way to help guide me on projects, technique and just in general, all things woodworking. Here are a few books worth picking up based on my own personal reading list. In no particular order.

The Joiner and Cabinet Maker by Anon, Christopher Schwarz and Joel Moskowitz: historical piece brought back from the dead by Lost Art Press with three plans for building entirely by hand.

The Anarchist’s Tool Chest by Chris Schwarz: An essential and inspiring read for anyone serious about tools, anarchy, dovetails or beer.

Grandpas Workshop by Maurice Pommier: The third and most recent book by Lost Art Press is a charming (often dark) beautifully illustrated children’s book worth reading to your kids.

Benchcrafted Split-Top Roubo Bench by Jameel Abraham: Certainly an investment if you go whole hog (plans, wood, hardware), but an investment of a lifetime for anyone serious about work holding or laminated wood.

How to Build Shaker Furniture by Thomas Moser: Another essential in my book for the basic Shaker style from an American furniture icon.

Great Book of Show Drawings for Craftsman Furniture by Robert W. Lange: A solid, yet digestible history of Craftsman furniture and 50+ plans and detailed drawings to inspire and guide.

The Foundations of Better Woodworking by Jeff Miller: The latest by my woodworking mentor bringing a unique perspective and useful ideas to some of the often overlooked basics. Full review here.

Technology of Wood Bonding – Principles in Practice by Alan A. Marra: Well, not really, unless you are really, really into glue and wood bonding and spending over $200 on an out of print academic text. I’ll have a summary for everyone at WIA to take with them.

Pick up any of these and you won’t be disappointed. Stop by the Gorilla Glue Booth this year where I’ll be spending most of my time at WIA 2012 MidWest. You can see real “pimped-out” versions of a smaller “Traveling” version of the Anarchist’s Tool Chest in walnut, and a smaller version of the split-top Roubo. I’ll also try not to embarrass myself by applying techniques I’ve learned from Jeff Miller for edge planing as I do some panel glue-ups for a few Shaker furniture projects.


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