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Glittering brass shards on the shop floor.

Posted on June 3rd, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop, Projects. 3 comments

I’ve moved onto starting the dog hole strip for my split-top Roubo bench. I built out a nice router template and gave it a shot on a test strip. Well, I had two things working against me, a slightly wobbly plunge-router base and I took a little too much off in one pass and this is what happened. Now I’m out a guide bushing and a $40 spiral up-cut bit. I still can see a few glittering pieces of the brass guide bushing on the shop floor.

In retrospect, I should have started out with a much more conservative series of passes. There is nothing scarier than a router catching your work piece and twisting in your hands at 22,000 RPM. After a series of texts and a phone call to Jeff Miller, he told me he took a pass on his table saw with a dado blade and a cross cut sled set at a 2-degree angle to remove the majority of the waste, then used a similar router template to clean things up. I think that’s what I’ll do as well later this week. I also made some progress on the front section of the top by cutting the large tenon that will receive the end cap for the tail vise. I used my Lie-Nielsen 16″ tenon saw free-hand, chopped the waste, and then cleaned things up with my router and shoulder plane. Nothing too exciting, but it’s always nice to pull out the hand tools for the heavy work.

3 thoughts on “Glittering brass shards on the shop floor.

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