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Dealing With Mistakes On My Roubo Bench

Posted on June 27th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 1 Comment

My Roubo bench project has been far from perfect, nor should I expect it to be so, after all, it is a workbench. I’ve had to make some tough choices on size based on materials, tweaked some joinery, messed up router bushings, and even have had to enlist the help of some heavy machinery at a local shop to level things out. Certainly a learning experience on a number of levels.

The Benchcrafted hardware comes with some really well detailed instructions. Jameel updates his files on a regular basis if something is slightly off and lets everyone know. However, I must have made an error in marking off the location of the tail vise block holes, because when I went to align everything, I was off by about 3/8″ on the alignment of the screw holes in the end cap and metal piece that accepted the screw. I know I’m not the first to run into this issue, I even double checked the template, hardware connection, etc, No luck.


Tweaking the position of the metal guide rails wasn’t particularly difficult, just time consuming. That however, caused the screw and dog hole to be off slightly (by around 1/4″ overall) and now protrudes slightly through the sliding dog hole. It also required a little extra filing of the opening on the end block hole and the need to redrill the holes for the mounting bracket of the wheel hardware.

Far from perfect, but functional nonetheless. Either way, rebuilding and tearing apart my condor tails was not an option.

I’m ready for this project to be wrapped up so I can use it to build some furniture. My wife feels the same way.

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  1. Workbench projects can drag, i know mine is too.. Looks like you’re pretty much done or is there more to do?

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