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Completed Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest

Posted on February 13th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 5 comments

I had a chance to wrap up the final finish and details of my Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest this weekend. Here is a gallery with some more of the photos of the chest filled with my tools.Maple tool tills for Traveling Anarchist's Tool Chest

Inside the traveling anarchist's tool chest

I learned a lot on this project and am glad the walnut went to good use. Thanks to Chris Schwarz for the inspiration, guidance and a little publicity along the way.Hand-cut dovetails on the Traveling Anarchist's Tool Chest

I’ll have this at the Woodworking In America event this fall at the Gorilla Glue booth.

5 thoughts on “Completed Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest

  1. Man, that is NICE looking. I am looking forward to building one in the future – I think a tool chest is the right sort of storage for me in my current shop.

    But first I need a “real” bench (well, I guess need is a bit strong) – so I’ve got the wood sitting for a Split Top Roubo and already have the Benchcrafted hardware sitting around too. Hopefully this spring, probably this summer.

    • Thanks. I definitely couldn’t see myself spending all that time hand cutting 80 dovetails to simply paint them.

      It’s a great project to test your skills. FYI it gets heavy with walnut.

    • Scott, I figured if I was going to cut all of those dovetails by hand, I might as well make it worthwhile and show them off.
      As far as the casters, I’m only going to worry if I decide to us the chest as a soap-box derby entry. It doesn’t really move around much and they are each rated to around 100 lbs each. Even in walnut, the chest is safe under them.

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