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Table from a Stick

Posted on January 14th, by Andy Brownell in Projects, Wood. 1 Comment

I’ve recently been commissioned to build a bow-front hall table. As a part of my woodworking new year’s resolution, the project will take me in a number of design and fabrication areas that I’ve typically avoided. In fact, anything that is obtuse, acute or otherwise curved will for sure help broaden my design and production chops. This includes bent laminations, complex curved parts and a more deliberate attention to grain pattern and direction.

After locking in a design concept (go ahead and make fun of my sketching ability), I made my ritual trip to MidWest Woodworking here in Cincinnati to select … Read More »

Urban Harvested Lumber: Friend or Foe?

Posted on November 29th, by Andy Brownell in Wood. 4 comments

I’ve spent my share of time dealing with the collection, drying and milling of plenty of urban harvested trees from the Cincinnati area. There’s plenty of sweet walnut, cherry and maple to go around, and probably more oak and ash than the entire furniture making community could use. You can either be very opportunistic like I was my first experience with a fallen maple tree that became my split-top Roubo bench three years later. Other times, it can simply fall into your lap, sawn and dried, as was the case with some cherry and walnut that came from a former … Read More »

Midwest Woodworking: A Photographic Tour

Posted on November 23rd, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion, Wood. 1 Comment

I’ve spent plenty of time over the last few years spending my money at Midwest Woodworking here in Cincinnati. I learned about Frank David (owner) and his cache of impressive machinery and lumber from a friend who handled his insurance policy. Chris Schwarz, Megan Fitzpatrick and countless others from Woodworking in America conferences have learned about what you can find in this 60,000+ sq/ft facility.

I decided to post a brief photo tour on Pinterest here of the place and a sample of what it has to offer. Bring money, call in advance: 513-631-6684 and leave a message for Frank. Then … Read More »