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Lumber Sale Update and Details from Midwest Woodworking

Posted on August 4th, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion, Wood. No Comments

I spent a few hours at Midwest Woodworking yesterday afternoon. I pulled aside some of the boards I’ll be purchasing on the day of the event (Bubinga, Sapele, Teak) and spoke about having some custom veneer panels made up from Kawazinga (waterfall) Bubinga. While I was there, five people were cleaning, organizing and preparing the facility for the lumber, veneer and equipment sale in less than two weeks. It’s the cleanest and most organized I’ve ever seen the place, and considering the size, there’s more work planned prior to the event. With the volume of inquiries that have come in … Read More »

Veneer Price List from Midwest Woodworking

Posted on July 28th, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion, Wood. No Comments

I received the veneer inventory and price list from Frank David the other day. I’m posting a link here Midwest Woodworking Veneer Prices for everyone to take a look at.

A few words about what you might find: full flitches of Australian walnut and Kewazinga (waterfall) Bubinga, and some 1/16″ thick English Brown Oak and Bee Sting Oak that has changed my somewhat negative bias towards Oak.

Frank can also sell a variety of species by the individual piece as well, including some one of a kid 36″+ burl sheets to shorts of some German Bog Oak that is somewhere between 5-10,000 years old. … Read More »

A Letter from Frank David, Midwest Woodworking Co. Inc

Posted on July 25th, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion, Wood. 1 Comment

The following is a letter from Frank David, the owner of Midwest Woodworking Co. Inc. regarding the upcoming sale on August 16-17th from 9am-2pm. The price list is available from this link:


Fellow woodworkers and patrons,
All our lumber is priced competitively at current wholesale prices, the quality is outstanding.  All lumber was purchased as FAS, for domestic, and First European Quality, for the exotics.  Due to the age of the material the size and thickness is beyond currently available stock from other sources.
The David’s have traveled the world to procure superior lumber … Read More »