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Holiday Tool Review: No-Frills, Unsung Heroes

Posted on November 24th, by Andy Brownell in Tools. No Comments

I’m building a few Shaker-style occasional tables in the hopes that I can find a few people looking for a special gift in time for the Holidays. The project includes one small side table in walnut, plus a slightly larger cherry one and a companion hall table. Nothing complicated, but with mortise and tenon joinery including drawbore pins made of ash, they’ll be built to last 200+ years. I’ve built plenty of tables like this, but have never used drawbore pins to beef-up the joints. This project allowed me dig into my Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest and use two no-frills, … Read More »

Late Entry for Shop Safety Week (warning: graphic hand injury)

Posted on May 13th, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop, Tools. No Comments

Rather ironic that the two missing fingers are the same ones I injured.

It’s hard to believe, but I forgot to share my own personal story for shop safety week, so here is my late entry on the long list of table saw injuries.
Back in September 2001, I was working on some rail and stile dados to accept a panel for a blanket chest. I decided to do a stop cut with a stacked dado blade about 11/16″ wide.

Needless to say, this was a poor choice and the last time I ever made such a cut. The rail shot … Read More »

The Future of Woodworking: Found At The Crossroad of Artisanship and Technology

Posted on April 24th, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop, Gorilla Glue, Tools. 1 Comment

 Plugged and Unplugged Woodworking

A good friend, prolific publisher and furniture maker Jeff Miller recently hosted a Lie-Nielsen hand tool event in Chicago with a number of top tool manufacturers. For furniture makers and tool aficionados, these events are worth traveling great distances (in my case, 330 miles). This is for several reasons. First, you can try before you buy – a huge benefit before you take the plunge in spending 100’s of dollars on some wood and metal. Second, and more importantly, you can speak with fellow woodworkers in a friendly, social environment – sharing a common passion. I always … Read More »