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Split-top Roubo: Fixing a Mistake or Stretching your Resources?

Posted on March 5th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, Projects. No Comments

My pile of maple was less than perfect when I finished milling it. I’m lucky some of the pieces ended up flat in the first place. One of the laminate pieces for my legs had a long check on one end, and was a little thin on the other. So rather than scrapping it completely, I went ahead and cut the mortise and then needed to figure out how to get things back to square. I could have tried to mess with the shoulder of the rail/tenon, but that would require transferring angles along multiple dimensions that would match the … Read More »

PWW #196 “I can do that” Shelf Project with Daughter

Posted on March 4th, by Andy Brownell in Kids Woodworking Projects, Projects, Publications, Uncategorized. No Comments

I’ve built a few projects with my kids in the past – mostly toys and tiny houses. Their level of involvement has always been a challenge due to their somewhat short attention spans. A good “beginner’s” woodworking project for kids allows you the instructor to offer a number of different tasks and skills to the assembly, while still being easy enough to see tangible results along the way. This is where I’ve struggled in the past, finding the right combination of those attributes.

Little did I know, the answer was right under my nose: Popular Woodworking’s “I can do that” articles. … Read More »

Hoggin’ Out The Waste

Posted on February 26th, by Andy Brownell in Projects, Tools. No Comments

Bench top mortiser hard at work on the split-top Roubo’s massive maple legs.