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Furniture Design with Scale Model Prototypes

Posted on August 22nd, by Andy Brownell in Design, Gorilla Glue, Projects. 1 Comment

After the huge wood sale this past weekend, I’ve accumulated enough lumber for the next few years of projects. It’s been close to a month since I made some sawdust but I’ve finally begun the design process on my next project. It’s a commissioned outdoor bench made from teak, so every cut counts. Much like the last project, I’m doing only very rough sketches and moving into building a scale model prototype. Scale models make it easier for me to think through the various angles and dimensions in a way my rudimentary drawings don’t allow. Plus, with only a small … Read More »

Ribbon Stripe Sapele from Midwest Woodworking

Posted on July 24th, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion, Projects, Wood. No Comments

I’ve got my own personal favorites when it comes to wood species. Sapele is at the top of my list. It has all of the beautiful color of mahogany, it’s easy to work with, and has a scent of nutmeg, cinnamon and pine when it is freshly cut. I always have at least one big stick on hand for a project or two.

The supply of Sapele at Midwest Woodworking is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Ribbon stripe figure throughout, chatoyance shifts in the light and boards ranging from 5/4 all the way through 10/4 (actually a bit over at 52mm). … Read More »

The Midwest Woodworking Mega-Sale of the Century Aug 16-17

Posted on July 16th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 3 comments

2013 has been a tough year to compete when it comes to woodworking event “stuntery”. With gatherings like Handworks in Amana IA, The French Oak Roubo Build, WIA 2013, and even the telephone design game in Woodchat, it’s hard to break through the clutter. I do however, think I’ve got one that might compete.

Midwest Woodworking in Cincinnati Ohio will be closing it’s doors for business. Only recently has it’s owner Frank David been open to selling off what some might consider the undiscovered country of lumber caches. Chris Schwarz and I have written, photographed and documented a few smaller events … Read More »