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Project Gallery: Teak Conversation Bench

Posted on December 28th, by Andy Brownell in Projects. 1 Comment

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Furniture Design Inspiration Part 1: Art Institute of Chicago

Posted on December 26th, by Andy Brownell in Design, Projects. No Comments

I’ve been in toasty-warm Chicago since Saturday, visiting family and alternating between lethargic periods of movie-lounging, and grazing on some tasty food and drink. Sloth and gluttony however, weren’t the only deadly sins checked-off the list. You see, I took a few diversions in-between to add envy and lust to the list, at least when it comes to looking for inspiration on my next project.¬†On Sunday I visited the Chicago Art Institute with my sister, and had an eye on their American Decorative Arts exhibit.

The first exhibit I spent some quality time in was the American decorative arts section of … Read More »

An Extended Thanksgivukkah Weekend Campaign Furniture Campaign

Posted on December 1st, by Andy Brownell in Campaign Furniture, Projects. 1 Comment

After a feverous bout of Thanksgivukkah eating binges and family gatherings, interspersed with long periods of time in my man-cave workshop, I’ve finally come up to take a breath. Literally, because I’ve been working with some Burmese teak again, and I’m always wearing the dust mask, particularly with the turning I’ve been doing over the last week. The Teak dust tends to stick to things because of the oil content of the wood, as well as the fact that each turning chip is a positively charged particle looking for a place to stick. Up until recently, I’ve never been much … Read More »