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Seat carving with Arbortech’s TURBOplane

Posted on September 1st, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion, Projects, Tools. No Comments

Disclaimer: This post is done on behalf of one of my generous sponsors from down-under, Arbortech. The opinions and experiences using their TURBOplane contained below are my own.

My version of David Ebner’s “Renwick Stool” made with the Arbortech TURBOplane.

Simple dovetail joinery. The central portion of the stool is cut and all joinery is cut and fit before gluing the outer portions of the sides and top pieces, since the outer elements extend beyond the dovetailed section. All stock material comes from 6/4 ribbon sapele and is cut sequentially from the same board for grain matching.

Carved furniture … Read More »

3 Content Strategy Questions To Ask Yourself

Posted on February 3rd, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion. 1 Comment

Author’s note: The following post originally appears on the blog for my employer, Curiosity Advertising. I’ve reblogged it here because I thought it might interest fellow woodworkers and tool companies in the context of either a personal or corporate content strategy.

The concept of content strategy has really begun to pick up steam over the last few years. While the idea isn’t anything new, brands and agencies have a great deal more to choose from, resulting in more to consider when developing a content strategy for their business. On the agency side as well as being a woodworking blogger, it’s like being a … Read More »

Spike TV and Ellen: Has Furniture Design Jumped the Shark?

Posted on January 23rd, by Andy Brownell in marketing & promotion, Projects. 3 comments

‘The Fonz’ as he prepares to “Jump the Shark”

Anyone who builds furniture and consumes media has probably heard of two new television shows—Spike TV’s Framework and HGTV’s Ellen’s Design Challenge. These are television shows that have or will hit cable this season catering to a very specific niche audience. At face value for any serious furniture maker, reality furniture design challenges—with unrealistic timeframes to create and build original work—seem to be an anathema to serious craftsmanship and art. Not to mention the hosts wouldn’t be my first choice for bringing credibility and authenticity to the concept. I much … Read More »