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Furniture Design with Scale Model Prototypes

Posted on August 22nd, by Andy Brownell in Design, Gorilla Glue, Projects. 1 Comment

After the huge wood sale this past weekend, I’ve accumulated enough lumber for the next few years of projects. It’s been close to a month since I made some sawdust but I’ve finally begun the design process on my next project. It’s a commissioned outdoor bench made from teak, so every cut counts. Much like the last project, I’m doing only very rough sketches and moving into building a scale model prototype. Scale models make it easier for me to think through the various angles and dimensions in a way my rudimentary drawings don’t allow. Plus, with only a small … Read More »

What Motivates the Furnituremaker, Material or Design?

Posted on August 8th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, marketing & promotion, Wood. 2 comments

I guess it all depends. But it seems like there are two basic schools of thought.


Design motivates me when it comes to taking on new challenges or fabrication techniques. Bent lamination, organic curves and using veneer in my designs are relatively new areas for me. I’ve been a pretty boxy guy when it comes to furniture design. I think it’s partly due to my limited free time to actually spend in the shop. My wife would probably tell you it’s my type-A personality that always seeks order. Being a parent with a full time job outside of my basement and … Read More »

OPERATION: “Morning Wood”

Posted on May 8th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, marketing & promotion, Wood. No Comments

Last Friday morning, close to two dozen woodworkers and wood enthusiasts descended upon a local wood source here in Cincinnati – Midwest Woodworking. The unassuming building from the outside houses some of the most impressive displays of wood hoarding and industrial equipment in the TriState region. Anyone present who had never visited Midwest WW had a glaze over their eyes in amazement. Here’s a Pinboard I’ve compiledĀ of some of the sights from Midwest WW. The majority of pieces I’ve built in the last 4 years come from wood purchased there as well.

Chris Schwarz and I have written extensively about this … Read More »