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The Bubinga Desk: Evolving a Furniture Design

Posted on August 8th, by Andy Brownell in Design, Gorilla Glue, Projects. 2 comments

Here are some of the final pictures of the project I took with my iPhone last night, so they aren’t the best. The desk measures 52″ wide x 30″ deep by 35″ tall (at the shelf). It’s made from three solid (and very, very dense) pieces of matching Bubinga that I purchased last year from Midwest Woodworking. Incidentally there is about 100 bd-ft remaining for sale. I included sapwood where I could to tie into the design including the cross rail, bent-lamination drawer front, drawer pull and drawer supports. Joinery is a mix of draw bore pegged mortise and tenons, … Read More »

An Improvised Approach to Furniture Design

Posted on February 14th, by Andy Brownell in Design, Gorilla Glue, Projects. 2 comments

I’ve spent the last couple of months on a combination of small crafts and some commission work, along with refining a design for a desk project I’ve taken on for my daughter’s room. Parts of the desk will be made from solid 8/4 bubinga slabs I got from Frank David at Midwest Woodworking before they shut their doors. It’s price, and special gift at dulling tool blades is making me take an extra long time on design refinement before I start to make cuts. This design refinement is the subject of my improvised approach to furniture design. This approach is … Read More »

Furniture Design Inspiration Part 2: A Visit with Jeff Miller

Posted on December 27th, by Andy Brownell in Design. 3 comments

While in Chicago I stopped by J. Miller Handcrafted Furniture on Monday and spent the morning watching him wrap up another one of his bent lamination walnut rocking chairs. He showed one of these at WIA 2012 during his lecture on chair design.

It was down to waxing and flossing (clearing the tough to reach cracks), as well as attaching the carved seat. Jeff uses wax that is custom tinted to better match the walnut when it dries, so rather than the white flecks common with some, this dries a color that compliments the chair. When seated at this chair, you melt into … Read More »