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All Things Glue Creep

Posted on June 20th, by Andy Brownell in Gorilla Glue, marketing & promotion. No Comments

maple boards ready for glue creep test

As a compliment to the Woodchat discussion tonight, I thought I’d make it easy and provide a single post with all of the links around the topic of Glue Creep I’ve written so far. I was planning on finishing up a baker’s dozen bench dogs for my split-top Roubo, but I guess not tonight.

Glue Creep Study (Part 1): Analysis of Factors Contributing to Glue Line Transmission “glue-creep” in Wood Joinery

Why We Obsess: A few thoughts on why some things are simply out of our control (like glue creep)

Getting Found Online: Some free professional advice from me (digital marketing is my day job), on how to pick topics, write, publish and get yourself to the top of the search query list.

Glue Creep Analysis Part 2: Taking glue creep to the next level. The subject of the photo above.

A few thoughts to consider:

  • We woodworkers can be a cantankerous bunch of tools. We stick to our guns (almost to a fault) on what we think is “the right way”. Glue choice is no exception.
  • Wood is equally as cantankerous, it will do what it wants to do (twist, cup, shrink, warp, etc.) Sometimes it’s just not the glue.
  • I am by no means an “expert” in glues and adhesives. I’ve been fortunate enough to work for the fine folks here at Gorilla Glue in Cincinnati as their unofficial woodworker (like at WIA events).
  • It takes approximately two 18 oz bottles of Gorilla Wood Glue to complete the Split Top Roubo bench project. If you laminate the pieces for the tops and legs.


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