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A Tool Chest to Last Generations

Posted on November 23rd, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop, Projects, Tools. 1 Comment

An unassuming pile of walnut, soon to be a tool chest

After reading The Anarchist’s Toolchest by Chris Schwarz, I made a decision to take on a similar project to safely store my tool investment so that my children’s children may someday use the same tools I use today. While the larger tool chest was tempting, it was a little over the top in it’s size. I’ve decided to build the smaller “Traveling Anarchist Tool Chest” instead. A more manageable, yet fully functional storage box. At this point, I’ve been able to make the most out of a great stack of walnut boards, and have rough milled all of the parts and have begun to join up the carcass pieces and lid panel.

Here is an image from the Google Sketch-Up Model that I’m using thanks to Mr. Schwarz. While using walnut may be a little over the top, and will certainly be a workout in hand-cut dovetails, I couldn’t resist. And they’ll match my walnut saw horses. 😉

I’m definitely looking forward to the challenge of updating my tool storage and workbench this winter. A good break from my recent surge of furniture projects.

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