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A shout-out to Mr. Roubo, Moxon and Abraham: Finished Workbench

Posted on July 9th, by Andy Brownell in Around the shop, Gorilla Glue, Projects. 2 comments

Every so often, I get to build something that truly transforms my perspective as a woodworker. My latest project, the Benchcrafted split-top Roubo work bench was one of those projects.

Not that the project was technically difficult, although I was faced with a few challenges, including not reading a clearly called out warning on page one of the template instructions to check the scale of your printer. This project started with humble beginnings as a fallen maple tree, then took 2 1/2 years to dry, and another 3 months to complete. It cost me close to $2,000 between materials, clamps, hardware, and large machine labor. It taught me patience, economy of materials and how to deal with a massive build in a small, confined space.

Most of all, as a woodworker, this is the kind of project that makes me want to do more woodworking. Being around the bench is a source of inspiration of what is possible and hopeful of many future projects and growth as an avid furniture maker for decades to come. So because of that, I’d like to thank Mr. Roubo, Mr. Moxon and Mr. Abraham (of Benchcrafted). Below area series of obligatory pictures of the final piece. Time to make some furniture.

Enough accessorizing of the work shop, between the Traveling Anarchist Tool Chest and the Benchcrafted Split-Top Roubo, I’m ready to build some furniture.

2 thoughts on “A shout-out to Mr. Roubo, Moxon and Abraham: Finished Workbench

  1. Looks good! My much more modest workbench is also a pleasant thing to consider, but how much more your thoughts must soar with such a tool!

    I wanted to ask how satisfied you are with the Moxon on the lower shelf, behind the deadman. I’ve found that I become keenly aware of interferences like this in my normal work flow… so maybe not an issue if the Moxon doesn’t come out too much, or the deadman spends the majority of its life down at one end.

  2. Is is possible i can have the plan work for this moxon and abraham finished workbench? Really love the idea and design and im really interested making this table by myself.

    thanks again


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